Event regulations

The organizer and host of the competition is SPRK “SV.PELEGRIN” from Umag, a member of the Croatian Association for sport fishing at sea.

The direction of the competition is composed of:

  • The Referee: Marino Reinić, +385 91 524 7562
  • Technical Director: Stipo Tokić, +385 95 720 7555
  • Doctor:

Right to participate have all the Members of associations (clubs) HSSRM, CMAS, or other federations. Each team can consist of two members not more distant than 50 m from each other and an eventual boatman. On verification competitors must submit:

  • Club Card
  • Fishing license
  • A medical examination not older than six months, and must sign a Statement of responsibility.

Competitors under the age of 18 must have the written permission of a parent or guardian. Members younger than 16 years have no right to participate.

Entries must be created by 23/03/2022 using the registration form published on this website, or use the form below.

Information about the competition: David Počekaj +385 98 966 9260.

The participation fee is 250 kn per participant plus 150 kn for a boatman and can be paid on the verification.


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The competition will be held in the waters of Umag. At North from the cape of Savudrija

N 45°30’18.9″, E 13°30’32.0″, outside cape N 45°30’49.1″, E 13°28’57.1″, outside shallow of Zanestra N 45°28’53.4″, E 13°27’11.7″, and at South to outside cape Busuja N 45°15’58.0″, E 13°30’33.00.3″ ending on land at cape Busuja   N 45°15’52.4″, E 13°34’23.4″.

It is forbidden to hunt in ports, marinas, marked beaches, and the bay of Tar. Attached the map of the hunting zone. Reserve zone (in case of extra strong south wind) North from cape Savudrija in Savudrija (Piran) bay.

The competition will last SIX (6) consecutive hours together with the delivery of the catch from 8:00 to 14:00 when it is the time limit for the delivery of the catch.

The teams that are not in a place provided for the delivery of the catch, that is in the port of Umag, at the scheduled time, will be automatically disqualified.

All the participants in the competition are allowed the 5-day field inspection, from 20th to inclusive 25th March 2022.

During the inspection, the use of the speargun is prohibited. Competitors who will have a speargun either in the sea or in a boat will be disqualified.

Spearguns and other equipment are used in accordance with the HSSRM Regulations. Each competitor must have a floating buoy in the sea all the time of the competition on a distance of not more than 20 meters.

Each team provides its own boat. The organizer can assist and can be an agent in the eventual rent of the boats required. Boats can be lowered on the ramp at Umag marina. A fast boat will be available to the organizer.

The minimum weight of fish in the zoological sense is 400 grams, and the maximum for the calculation is 12,500 grams.

The minimum for the grouper is 3000 grams. The prize for a fish is 400 points.

Wild fish (only congers, frogfish, murine, and catfish) are calculated if they weigh more than 2,500 grams with 1,500 points, regardless of weight.

Each species of fish is rewarded with 1,000 points, which does not apply to wild fish.

The permitted number of fish of the same species is ten (10) pieces and five (5) pieces for wild fish in total. At the completion of the number of fish of the same species, you get another 1000 points bonus, which is not valid for wild fish.

The weighing of catches applies the rules of the Law on the Protection of Fish, and the fish is valid if it meets the weight and length specified in the law.

Attention: red scorpionfish ( scarpena ) and brown meager ( corvina ) minimum length 32 cm.

For fish under 267 grams and for wild fish under 1667 grams is assigned -500 points.

Appeals can be submitted during weighing in writing with the amount of 100 Kn to referee.

If the appeal is validated by the referee and the race direction, the deposit will be returned. The race management must immediately resolve the appeal.

Organizer, including all individuals participating in the competition and organizing, does not assume any liability and compensation for damages resulting from this race. The obligation of each competitor at verification is to sign the “Declaration of Liability”.

The organizer provides the following security measures:

  • A fast boat, diver, and the doctor.

At the verification, the organizer will provide the most important phone numbers in case of emergency.

Accommodation is available in private rooms or apartments and hotels. See the recommended accommodation here.

Friday, 25.03.2022

17:00 – verification


Saturday, 26.03.2022

06:30 – a rally of competitors in Umag marina

08:00 – the start of the competition in front of Umag harbor,

14:00 – end of competition + delivery of the catch

16:00 – official weighing of the fish,

18:00 – dinner, result announcement, medal and cup ceremony, and lottery for the participants.

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