March 11th 2023

Umag, Croatia

Welcome to the Istrian Spearfishing Cup!

David Počekaj - event director

Dear friends,

we present you the old competition in a new edition. We have moved the Istria spearfishing Cup, which we have organized three times in Poreč, to Umag, where the main organizer of the competition, the well-known manufacturer of Grand-sub spearguns David Počekaj, will be assisted by SPRK Sveti Pelegrin, whose members will make sure the competition passes in the best possible order. As you can see we have a lot of changes, from location, visual to organizational, and there is a new brand of an international character, Istria spearfishing cup.

Our intention is to raise the standards of this competition to the highest possible level by positioning ourselves very high on the map of spearfishing events. One of the most important facts is that we have agreed with Marina Umag to be our base where we will use stretchers for boats, berths, showers, and parking. Everything is in one place, well protected, and provides great support and maximum comfort to all competitors.

Prizes for the best as well as a lottery for all competitors will be even better and richer than in previous cups because our sponsors follow us and are interested in cooperation even more than before knowing that we want to organize the best spearfishing competition that will attract the best spearfishers and great public attention.

There will be no shortage of food and drinks so that our competitors will quickly and easily make up for lost energy and will be able to relax and enjoy after the enormous efforts they will put into the preparation and the competition itself.

Unfortunately, we live in a ‘new normal’ so we will specifically monitor how the situation with the Covid 19 virus will develop and we will act in accordance with the decisions and instructions of the bodies in charge.


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The best speargun for you


Granda sub from Umag in Istria has been producing wooden spearguns since 1998, and today it is one of the leading manufacturers of these spearguns in Croatia and worldwide.

Our philosophy is to create such a high-quality speargun that, after many years of spearfishing, we will be able to hang it in the living room or tavern as a reminder of the wonderful memories we will pass on to our descendants.

We want to explain to new customers that this is a product that is extremely resistant to wear and tear, weather conditions, climatic conditions, and breakage.

A lot could be written about Granda sub reverse mechanisms, but 17.000 shots on a Seatec tester without any problems is the best confirmation of their quality and durability, and achieving up to 7 cm more stretching of slings on the same speargun size says enough about Granda sub spearguns.

The most important difference between Grand sub spearguns and other commercial products is their quality, the possibility of alterations, and final price!

Why choose a Granda sub as a wooden speargun with which you will spend so many hours at sea?

For a few simple reasons:

  • because of the excellent buoyancy of the speargun, there is no more pain in the joints
  • because of the extremely precise spear guide, precision is brought to the maximum
  • with the Aqua Planning system, we get up to a 10% longer range.

Granda sub spearguns are made with a CNC machine that gives the most precise possible processing of today, and the finishing is done by hand with the precise hand of an expert, which results in a finished product that simply stands out with its quality and beauty.

As for mobility, which is actually the most important characteristic in the sea these spearguns are extremely mobile either vertically or horizontally.